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Partnership creates increased opportunities for robotic corrugated packaging solutions

Written by JOC, posted in Client News on February 1, 2008

Corrugated machine specialist, Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems, has joined forces with FANUC Robotics (UK) Limited by becoming one of its Strategic Systems Partners.  The partnership recognises Smurfit Kappa’s close working relationship with FANUC Robotics in the packaging sector.

Acknowledging the need for specific industry knowledge and the skills offered by system integrators, FANUC Robotics will provide Smurfit with sales and engineering support to provide end users with highly efficient robot systems.  Smurfit has already supplied 10 FANUC robot systems and is using its industry knowledge to use them innovatively.

“We are continually identifying additional tasks that robots can undertake on our end of line systems.  Keeping the robots fully utilised is our aim and we’re excited by the prospect of future developments,” explained Matt Weeks, General Manager, Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems.  “The flexibility of the robots together with their reliability is a welcome benefit for this industry.  Minimum time to market is critical in the Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) business, and the flexibility and multi-tasking ability of robots is essential to cost-effectively achieve short lead times.   

 As a Strategic Partner to FANUC Robotics, Smurfit’s engineer’s have access to advanced programming training and support together with FANUC’s bespoke simulation software, ROBOGUIDE, to prove proposed systems.  Programmes generated by ROBOGUIDE help reduce installation and commissioning time together with increasing customer confidence by having proof of achievable cycle times and capability.