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Case study payback

Written by David Wickham, posted in JOC News on March 31, 2015

MachupdateMar15Yes I know we keep hammering on about it but when we spot old press releases being ‘aired’ 6 years after initial distribution it just needs to be said – case study releases really are great value for money.  This particular release can’t be forgotten for several reasons least of all that all the clothes I was wearing when I visited the company had to be disposed of to get rid of the smell of fish.  The company dries the bits of fish that are not normally required and exports them to Nigeria for a fish stew delicacy.  So a little unusual and interesting – just what the editor was looking for no doubt.

First time round this release received a great deal of coverage and today we spotted a full page of coverage in Machinery Update a packaging and process sector journal.

You can read the original 2009 release here