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Ageing resistant diaphragm reduces pump and valve maintenance time and cost for food and Pharma processes

Written by Katie Davis, posted in Client News on May 21, 2010

Diaphragms moulded from GYLON®, a proprietary modified PTFE, are now available from Garlock in sizes from DN8 – DN50.  GYLON® Style 3522 has been developed specifically for valve applications to provide extended life, claimed to be two to three times, over conventional PTFE diaphragms.   

USP VI compliant and developed to meet the needs of food and Pharma processes, Garlock GYLON® diaphragms are highly flexible without permanent deformation and offer chemical resistance equivalent to PTFE.  The flexibility ensures GYLON® diaphragms will not crack through repeated operation eliminating process retention and cross contamination.

Equally flexible to the diaphragm is its back-up which is manufactured from a long lasting silicone.  The silicone back-up ensures that an even and constant pressure is applied to the diaphragm throughout its lifetime. 

Resistance to high temperatures in excess of 200°C make the diaphragms particularly suitable for processes or cleaning where steam is intermittently passed through a process.    The compressibility of GYLON® is 25% making it softer and easier to tighten than equivalent PTFE diaphragms.