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140Kg robot sets palletising standard at 1,900 cycles per hour

Written by Katie Davis, posted in Client News on April 26, 2010

FANUC Robotics’ latest addition to the M-410i range of palletising robots claims to be the fastest robot in its class performing cycles in less than 2 seconds.  The slimmer arm and wrist design make the 140Kg payload M-410iB/140H the most compact robot in the range.

Performing a standard industry palletising test – moving 400mm up, 2,000mm horizontally and 400mm down – while handling a 60Kgs payload,  the new M-410iB/140H  performs 1,900 cycles per hour.  The speed and compact design make it ideally suited for high capacity production requirements in bag and box palletising.

The articulated design of the M-410i range already makes it ideal for confined areas but the revised design of the new arm makes it even more compact and ideal for areas with low ceilings.  A new slimmer forearm and wrist, already proven on the FANUC Robotics R-2000 and M-900 series, is equipped with integrated cableways to speed up system installation and to avoid cable snags and breakages.

The robot can be either floor or plinth mounted to provide a cylindrical work envelope of 5.7Mtr diameter by up to a maximum height of 3.5Mtr.  This large work envelope together with its high speed offers significant opportunities for multiple lines to be served in high volume environments by a single M-410i/140H.